Solar Panels Structure Manufacturer in Pakistan Al Fazal Industrysolar structure

Al Fazal Engineering is one of the best Solar Panels Structure Manufacturer in Pakistan. We are the manufacturer and supplier of mainly three types of solar mounting structure. They are either mounted on roof, on ground or on poles. The types are as following from which four are fixed-angle types and one variable-angle type:

  1. Roof Mounted Solar Structure
  2. Ground Mounted Solar Structure
  3. Pole Mounted Solar Structure

Roof Mounted Solar Structure

Rooftop solar panel mounting structures are mounted on the roof and need roof penetration. It is ideal for the places that have wide area on the roof. They are either fixed or adjustable. Roof Mounted Racks have following types:

  1. Ballasted mount
  2. Flush Mounts
  3. Hybrid Mount

Ballasted Mounts

Ballasted Mounts are comparatively inexpensive and do not require roof penetration. They are faster and cheaper to install.

Flush Mount

As the name suggests, we manufacture and supply this mount type and it lay flush over the surface of roof. There is only 2 to 4 inches of space between the mount and your roof. They need roof penetration and are fixed. This type is widely used in residential areas.

Hybrid Mount

Hybrid mount is the combination of both Ballasted Mount and Flush Mount. This solar panel structure is designed using specs of both mounts according to the requirement. These mounts are typically more expensive and occupy more space on the roof.

Ground Mounted Solar Structure

We are the manufacturer and supplier of ground mount structure that is mounted anywhere on the ground. When there is open field then the option of Ground mounting system is the best.

It can be installed for residential use or huge commercial use. It is adjustable and can be tilted up and down so that maximum sun light is allowed to be absorbed throughout the day. Ground Mounted Solar Structure can be of various types, such as




It is easy to install and have a very low labour cost. We manufacture 14 gauges but can also manufacture it as per the requirement of the customer. We are the best solar structure manufacturers in Pakistan.

This structure is usually for 150W, 250W, 445W, 545W and above roof / ground mounted). It has a longer life span and its efficiency is not much disturbed in extreme weather conditions.

Pole Mounted Solar Structure

AL Fazal Engineering manufactures Pole Mounted Solar panel structure also. There are two types of our product, which are,

  1. Top-of-pole Mounted Solar Racks
  2. Side-of-pole Mounted Solar Racks

Top-of-pole Mounted Solar Racks

As the name indicates, Top-of-pole Mounted Racks are used to put solar panels over its top. Mounting structures are secured into the ground with concrete.

Side-of-pole Mounted Solar Racks

This type is manufactured by us to use it for the solar system that has smaller number of modules. And it is cost saving.

Material of our Solar Mount Structure

Al Fazal Engineering is Aluminium solar panel mounting structure manufacturer. It is widely used because it is durable, corrosion-resistive, strong yet light weight so it serves the purpose very well. On the other hand, stainless steel, wood, plastic and iron is also used to make the mounts. We also manufacture a number of Solar Structure system accessories.