HSE Policy Statement

Al-Fazal Engineering will make proper provision for the health, safety and welfare of its people, visitors and contractor and those in the community who may be effected by its activities. It will care of the environment through a commitment to good environmental practices. Continual improvement will be achieved by implementing the company’s Health, Safety & Environment (HS&E) Management system and related standers, which will include the setting of objectives and targets. As a minimum the company will meet relevant legal industry and other requirement.

The Company aims to reduce the health, safety and environmental impact of its product and processes and prevent pollution by utilizing a structure risk manage line management approach, taking into account the needs of its customers and society at large. All new activities will be assessed for environmental impact and appropriate health and safety provision.

Managing directors and Technical Manager of each venture are responsible for enacting this policy and giving HS&E equal priority with all other business issue. Implementation will be through line management who will involve employees in achievement of the Company’s object. They will be advised by an adequate number of competent occupational health, safety and environmental professionals.

It is recognized that accidents, ill health and environmental incident may result from failings in management control and are not necessarily the fault of an individual employees. All employees, however, are expected to accept their responsibility to work safely, adhering to safety rules and work procedure using safety equipment provided, and generally to contribute to the maintenance of safe and healthy condition. They also have a duty to be environmentally responsible and to have regard for environmental controls.

The Company is committed to effective communication and constitution on HS&E matters with all relevant parties and will report internally and publicly on its HS&E performance on a regular basis. It will provide appropriate health, safety and environmental training to employees to enable them to meet the required standards of performance.

Whilst we are each other responsible for health, safety and the environment, we do much better when we work as a team. Protecting the environment and promoting the welfare of both of people and the community matters to us all

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