Alfazal Engineering is a best seller in Cable Tray

Alfazal Engineering Provide you a lot of cable tray and cable gland in bulk quantity for sale in Lahore, Karachi, all over Pakistan. We are offering types of assistance for Cable tray, Cable Gland, and other sheet metal works at affordable costs with the best conveyance time. Tower plate for processing plants. Cable tray in Pakistan.

Cable Tray And Accessories in Materials

Cable tray is normally manufactured with corrosion-resistant materials. The selection of material for the cable tray is normally depending upon the environment of the installation. Alfazal Engineering Cable Tray And Accessories provider in Pakistan.

The following are some materials used for cable tray.


Aluminum has lightweight and high resistance to corrosion. It is also non Magnetic so electrical losses reduced to its minimum values. Cable Tray And Accessories.


Steel has high strength and corrosion resistance. Steel structured cable tray is used to carry heavy cables. We provide you Cable Tray of the best quality. Although steel has corrosion free its weight is heavier.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel has high yield strength and higher resistance to corrosion. It is formed by AISI 316 Stainless steel. Stainless Steel has resistance to chemicals and corrosion. Cable Tray And Accessories.
There are a number of companies manufacturing cable trays in Pakistan. We are manufacturing cable tray all over Pakistan with all materials.

Cable Tray and Accessories Usage

Cable tray can be used as a support system for branch circuits, service conductors, feeders, services, communication circuits, control circuits, and signaling circuits. It is not limited to industrial locations. If it is exposed to direct sunlight then jacketed cables or insulated conductors that are sunlight resistant must be used.


Cable tray must have proper strength and rigidity, smooth edges, be protected against corrosion, have side rails, and contain the proper fittings. Flame-retardant material must be used for nonmetallic cable tray.


The cable tray system must be installed completely as a system before the cables are installed, have the proper supports, and have covers where required. Multiconductor cables can be installed in the same tray if 600 V or less. Cables over 600 V cannot be installed with cables under 600 V, with two exceptions. The cable trays must be exposed and accessible and have room around them for adequate access.

CNC Laser Cutting for cable Trays