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Over the years, Al Fazal Engineering is manufacturing and supplying quality cable trays all over Pakistan.

We provide our customer with high quality products that are worth the buy. There are a few types of cable trays and accessories that we are providing. Such as:

  • Ladder cable tray
  • Perforated cable tray
  • Cable duct – cable trunking
  • Unistrut Channel
  • cable tray supporting System

Ladder Cable Tray Manufacturers and Supplier in Pakistan

Al Fazal Engineering guarantee your significant cost saving as compared to the other traditional Cable trays in Pakistan. We are the manufacturers and supplier of Ladder Cable trays that are flexible, easy to work on and fast to install.

It has been designed in such an efficient way that the cable can enter or exit at any point. In our ladder cable tray cables can be secured by clamps or ties and all sharp ends are cut off to protect the cables. They are easy to access for line check, maintenance or cleaning.

Our Ladder tray is light weighted and ranges in different sizes from 100 mm to 1200mm width of cable tray.

Al Fazal Engineering is the proud manufacturer and supplier in Pakistan of Ladder cable trays that can hold 28 percent more weight than any conventional cable tray in the market.

Perforated Cable Tray Manufacturers and Supplier in Pakistan

We are one of the best Perforated Cable Tray Manufacturer and supplier in Pakistan.

Our ladder trays are Suitable for

  • Power cable
  • power instrument and
  • Data cables.

Our cable trays length can have the length of 1 m to 6 m (6000 mm). Its width is from 50mm to 600 mm (2 to 24 inches) whereas the thickness of our cable tray is 20SWG ~ 12 SWG (1mm ~ 2.5mm)

The material of our cable trays has the following features

  • GI material
  • MS hot dip galvanized
  • powder paint
  • 304 and 316 stainless steel cable trays

We also manufacture Cable trays according to customer’s personal requirements.

Cable Duct – Cable Trunking Manufacturers and Supplier in Pakistan

We are also the manufacturers and supplier in Pakistan of Cable duct or cable trunking. Our Cable duct is basically same as cable tray but it has a solid bottom. They are more suitable for smaller cables like instrument cables or data cables.

The size of the cable duct ranges from

  • Width is from 50mm to 600mm
  • Height is from 50mm to 200mm

We use the following supreme material to manufacturer our cable duct and cable trunking

  • GI Sheet
  • MS HDG
  • Powder Paint
  • Fire Retardant Paint

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Unistrut Channel Manufacturers and Supplier in Pakistan

Our Uni strut channel is manufactured from the best quality MS/GI sheet in Pakistan. Uni strut channel is used for cable tray supports or for cable tray hangers.

We manufacture Uni strut channel with Standard lengths from 10ft to 20 ft but we also manufacture Uni strut channel Length as per client needs for cable tray hangers etc.

We have two types of Uni strut channel

  • Slotted
  • without slotted

Uni strut channel have Dimensions of 41x41mm 41x25mm whereas its Thickness 1.2mm to 2.5mm.

Uni strut channel finishing material is:

  • Hot-dip Galvanized
  • Powder paint
  • GI

Al Fazal Engineering has the supply capacity of Uni strut channel of 2000 meter per day. We have Uni strut channel Complete fitting Range with all accessories.

Cable Tray Supporting System Manufacturer and Supplier in Pakistan

We manufacture and supply a whole range of cable tray supporting System that is required along with ladder and perforated cable trays. They are listed as below

  • Perforated Angle for Cable trays supporting system
  • Perforated c channel for cable tray supporting system
  • Threading Rod for cable tray supporting system
  • Uni strut cantilever for cable tray supporting system
  • Wall-mounted supports for cable tray supporting system
  • tray supporting system has Roof hanging supports for cable
  • cable tray supporting system have Floor mounted support system
  • Cable tray Manufacturer in Pakistan.
Al-Fazal Engineering (PVT) CNC Laser Cutting

Cable tray Manufacturing and installation services

Cable Tray Accessories should be manufactured as per design and specification during the manufacturing expert team should be assigned sharp edges should not be at any area because cable tray used for cable protection during installation extra care required to make sure that it will safe for cables, sharp edges should not at any area it can damage the cables, perforation in the cable tray help out to exhaust the heat of power cable due to ventilation we can reduce the cable temperature, during installation need to take care that bends riser radius should be sufficient as per cable manufacturer recommendation cable sharp bends can cause the cable damaging, supporting structure should be strong enough as per cable weight, use the cover to protect the cable from any damaging also need the earth jumpers cable at every joint to make sure the proper continuity cable tray should be grounded connect to earthing network from both ends, cable tray is the part of electrical installation.

Cable Tray and Fabrication Electrical In Pakistan

We are manufacturing Cable Tray in Pakistan, Cable Ladder in Pakistan, Perforated Cable Tray in Pakistan, Cable Tray Accessories in Pakistan, U-Channel Sport in Pakistan, Uni Struct Channel Sport system that supports all kind of Cables Installation/laying system with fitting such as Bends in Pakistan, Tees in Pakistan, crosses in Pakistan, Bridges in Pakistan, Supports & Hangers, etc. Our coupling technique system with dramatic cuts enables the coupling of lengths and fittings without the need for drilling. Dome- head bolts to prevent damage to the cable. We provide strength stability to various support system applications. Our Qualified Engineers design as per international standard of Cable Tray that gives the Technician quickly & easy installation with highly Cable safety. Our company products have installed in Industrial and Commercial Projects all over Pakistan.

Cable tray in Pakistan

Perforated Cable Tray Manufacturer in Pakistan Ladder cable tray in Pakistan · Cable tray Suitable For Power Cables/Instrument and Data Cables.

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