Al Fazal Engineering

Earthing and Lightning Material in Pakistan copper Rods Clamps Air Terminal Spike bolls cad welding test Point bus Bar strip conductor and earth Pit Manufacturer in Pakistan.

L type Support Made up of Angle

Manufacturer of all type cable cable tray in Pakistan and panels support made of angle iron c channel and unistrut channel in Pakistan


Earthing W clamp

we are Manufacturer all type of earth clamps P C W U in Pakistan and other types made of GI copper in pakistan

We are also working on


Cable trays leader Perforated mesh type in Pakistan, Unistrut channel profile, Spring nuts in Pakistan, Beam clamp in Pakistan, Manhole covers in Pakistan, Threading roads in Pakistan, Street lighting poles in Pakistan, Solar structure in Pakistan, Overhead line wapda towers in Pakistan, Conduit pipe hot dip galvanize in Pakistan,Clamp saddle and bush in Pakistan, Earthing lighting grounding material- copper, Per fabricated concrete earth pit in Pakistan, Copper bus bar earthing strip tape clamp in Pakistan, Test point insulator jumpires braid in Pakistan, Earthing network service for installation in Pakistan, Card weld mold powder catridge in Pakistan, Transformer rail line structure in Pakistan, Cable support in Pakistan, HV in Pakistan, MV cable trefoil clamps in Pakistan, Grating and grating clamps in Pakistan, Angle iron, H beam and C channel in Pakistan, Cable gland lugs in Pakistan, Cable transmission kit hot cold shrink in Pakistan,