Hot Dip Galvanizing Zinc Coating service In Pakistan

Alfazal Engineering Hot Dip Galvanizing Zinc Coating Services.

We are a service provider for hot-dip galvanizing zinc coating, we are using super high grade imported Zinc > 99% pure to maintain the quality and best services, we have an expert team for galvanizing to provide the best quality for our clients. We follow the ASTM standard – A123/A.

We follow the complete process like surface cleaning, water washing, washing with flex, heating, zinc coating, and verification of coating thickness.
Hot-dip galvanization HDG of cable tray, Street lighting / CCTV camera poles, nut bolts, J bolts, anchor bolts, steel rod, angle iron, channels, grating, structure, support, I beams, H beam stands, frames, motor local control stations transformer housing steel bars, and other steel iron items.
Hot-dip galvanizing also known jast or jasti material, jast coating protects the steel from rust and extends the life

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Zinc Coating Services
Zinc Coating Services